Egypt Afterlife Beliefs

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10/26/09 Egypt: quest for afterlife Second essay History 1001 Nilam Amatya [pic] The false door of redines (Old kingdom, Dynasty 6, 2323-2150 B.C) What is afterlife? What do we know about ancient Egypt and what it meant in Egyptian culture? Ancient Egypt that we know is mostly identified by its enormous pyramids, in particular the Great Pyramid at Giza, which was built during the middle of the third millennium, BC. These pyramids are massive monuments built over or around a crypt or tomb. These pyramids are served as royal tombs. Not only do these colossal constructions depict the Egyptians' advanced architectural abilities, but they also give us an insight into their belief system. Unfortunately for today’s…show more content…
The ancient Egyptians believed that the false door was a threshold between the world of the living and the dead, and through which a deity or the spirit of the deceased could enter and exit. The exhibit of “the false door of redines” is also one of the many that was found in the tomb of the Egypt. “ The false door located on the west of the wall tomb chapel was the interface between the world of the living and the world of dead. The false door actually shows the scribe and priest Redines passing through the niche in a very rare example of Egyptian full frontal, two-dimensional representation. In part of his incretion, Redines says, “ I made this (monument) by the means of my own income. God will judge me along with anyone who shall do anything against it.”” (Harvard University- Museum of Fine Arts. Expedition, 1921, 21.961. a-c). The main focal point of the old kingdom was the false door and here was where the priest, family and friends come to give offering to the dead in front of their relative…show more content…
The pyramid were mostly made for the kings and for other people who could afford a tomb would order one before hand and secure their place for their journey of afterlife. The false door was also one the necessity for the process or for the journey of afterlife. The false door was the threshold between the world of living and the world of dead i.e. this was the door where the relation of the family would come and offer their prayers just like a cemetery that people of today’s world use to offer their prayers to their beloved. Their strong belief on afterlife, didn’t scare them of death but embrace death as to them death meant to continue life even after they

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