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Egypt is generally being considered going through a “golden age.” It is the first civilization to make use of the sciences, including math and medical uses. The Egyptians are skilled pyramid builders, and they discovered how to find the area and geometric parts of the pyramids. Land measurement is also used, as when the Nile River floods, the water erases the boundaries between the farmers' fields. Priests use the measurement of the depth of the Nile to decide how many taxes would be charged among the working and peasant classes. The alphabet is said to have been influenced by Egyptian hieroglyphs, which used 24 symbols for consonants, along with many other symbols. Our 365 day calendar has its origins in Egypt. The Egyptians figured out a 360 day calendar based on the various religious festivals and feasts throughout the year. They also split the year into 12 months. Egypt has discovered ways to measure time by the light from morning, afternoon, and night. Sundials were built to measure time, using the shadow from the angle of the sun's light to mark the time. Egypt is credited with the inventions of many accessories. Scissors, combs, toothbrushes and toothpaste, plus the lock and key, the weaving loom, drums, and the first oil lamps. Religions around the world have had their roots influenced by Egyptian beliefs. Egyptians believed in gods/higher beings, and many religions have this as their basis. Egyptians also loved entertainment. Board games with pieces and dice were played, and drama is in the Egyptians' daily life. The world's first fairytale was created by the Egyptians. There modern society has many objects, inventions, thoughts, concepts and technology that can be traced back to being in a “golden age”.

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