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Danielle Jenkins PHL 100 Professor Bunch Egoism All forms of egoism require explication of self-interest, welfare or well-being. There are two main theories which are ethical and psychological egoism. Preference or desire accounts identify self-interest with the satisfaction of one's desires. Often, and most reasonably, these desires are restricted to self-regarding desires. What makes a desire self-regarding is controversial, but there are clear cases and counter-cases. A desire for my own pleasure is self-regarding. A desire for the welfare of others is not. People see these descriptions as ethical and psychological egoism. Egoism can be a descriptive or a normative position. Egoism is described as being all for oneself. Ego maintains that each person ought to act to maximize his or her own long-term good or well-being. As an egoist as a whole you are obligated to only take care of yourself and what you are interested in. As an egoist your main duty is to worry about you and you only making sure that you’re okay before anyone else. According to the book Moral Problems on page 35 it gives an example that says, “For a thief it might be to avoid capture, for a sailor to be able to swim.” (35) Basically as a thief their interest is stealing so as an egoist they are obligated to make sure that they don’t get caught because that’s their only down fall in what they do. As a sailor their interest is sailing boats and their obligation to make sure they know how to swim so that if the boat does sink they have the ability to swim to sea. Basically, Egoist looks for benefits for themselves and do what is best for them, for example in the book “Euthyphro Apology Crito Phaedo” Socrates took the position of doing what was best for him and following what he thought was right which was what the Gods called corrupting the youth and telling them what he thought was

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