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Ethical egoism is how some people really view the world. Ethical egoism is the view or position that individuals ought to always do only what is in their own self- interest. It is to find happiness in a way where you think of yourself first and if it benefits anyone else then better for them. It is that all moral duties are ultimately duties to oneself and has no obligation to none other. Your primary concern would be your self-interest. A good example that would fit well with this would be the earthquake that happened in Chile. After the disaster, there were many without food and water! They would look around the dumpsters and garbage to see what was edible. One, morning a commercial truck drove by full of food. The people, out of their own desire and self-interest, ambushed the truck and took all of the food. Some people were beat up, others were dead. Videos were evidence of how people acted as a human society when ethical egoism was at its peak. Obviously this example shows more of a human being and his desire rather than his self-interest although they are both present. Now, in ethical egoism there is a difference that needs to be cleared up. There is a difference between desire and a difference in self-interest. We will first look at what desire is. Desire is thinking about what you want and getting it without thinking about the consequence. On the other hand self-interest is thinking about what the consequences are and then choosing what will benefit you best. For example Rob want to go to a party. Now that’s something that seems to be really good. It’s fun and Rob would be meeting new people. Rob goes to this party but the next morning he realizes there was a project due in his class. This class, by the way, happens to be his major. As we analyze this situation, depending on how it’s seen, going to the party was his desire. I went for what would be

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