Ego Busters Essay

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An ego buster and Ego booster that I have had in my life that has either tried to push me to the best of my ability or put me down. An ego booster that I have had in my life would have to be my mother and my fiancé. As for my mother she has always expected me to perform to my highest ability in school as well as succeeding in life. My mother always boosted my ego by always telling me that I can do it and never to give up. She would tell me that I would be doing a great job when in fact we both know that I was not doing good, but to hear someone telling you that you are doing great makes you want to do better. So when she told me I was doing good I was being encouraged to do better than I was. My mother has made me the person I am today , I always want to succeed in my life. As for my fiancé he always pushes me to do what I want to do for an example like I wanted to start my own business and he pushed me to do it so I did, and now I am succeeding with my business. He always tells me to do what I want because you only live once. So live your life to the fullest. Some of the words that impacted me to succeed is that I can do it and to never second guess yourself. I have had so many ego busters in my life that have tried to bring me down but as we all know it will never work because I am the type of person who wants to make myself a better person. I have two people I would have to me my top ego busters because they are always trying to find something. Those two people would have to be my dad and step mom how sad that my dad would do that to his daughter. My dad always told me that I would never finish high school as well as get accepted to college. Well I finished high school and graduated with a 3.5 Grade point average, and now I am in college. The reason for him doing that to me is because I have a learning disability and he thinks no one can
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