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Running Head: Ego Buster and Booster Ego Buster and Ego Booster Monica Young Grand Canyon University COM101H September 19, 2009 Ego Buster and Ego Booster Everybody has an ego booster and a ego buster. However I consider my mother to be my ego booster. My mother is the type person when everybody see what bad about you she look deep inside and find the good in you. When I was born I had a weak muscle in my eye, so this weak muscle would sometime cause me to look cross eye. When I was in school the kids would sometimes tease me. I would go home and tell my mother about it and she would always make me feel like I was the prettiest thing on earth. She even gave me the nick name Princess. She stated “no matter what other say about me I’m just how God made me”. However as years went by I went back and forth to the doctor about my eye. The doctors wanted to operate on my eye. My mother told them “no because long as it not stopping me from seeing she is not going to let anybody operate on it”. Well I got very upset with my mother about this because I was tied of the kids teasing me. My mother told me to be patient she has turn it over to God and he will take care of it. Well my mother is a very Christian type person. So when she pray about something she no longer worry about it. A couple of months went by and I had to go back to the doctor for another exam. Once the doctor exam me and he got back the result. He said something has change since the last visit. He told my mother my vision in that weak eye had strengthened. He said it wasn’t 20/20 vision yet, but it was better than the last visit. So as I got older my eye continues to strengthen and my mother continues to pray and continue to boost myself esteem. By the time I was in high school my vision was a 20/20 vision and I no longer had to deal with people teasing me about my

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