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Ego Boosters and Ego Busters Natacha Moore COMM-101 Grand Canyon University October 26, 2008 When I look at my life, from where I have been to where I am now and I look at who has the ability to boost my ego I can honestly say that no one can boost my ego quite like my children. Each of my children has their own ways of boosting my ego and helping me to realize who I am each day. Before I became a mother, I can truly say that not only did I live in a manner that was very much that o a single person but I also did not have any self esteem there by did not know who I was and the place that I held in life. I had been in the military, became a wife and held a very good position as a human resources representative. Still none of these…show more content…
Each of them carries a piece of me that is easily seen in their personalities individually. I have three children and I and my siblings are all parts of our mother my children almost like a hereditary strand or trend are the same way with me. This is best seen in the past year of which I spent fighting Cervical Cancer. For a year in the half my children fought with me through that battle. My eldest is my son and he is very loving and nurturing with me. My eldest daughter and middle child are very motherly and diplomatic and my youngest daughter is the lighter of them all and keeps me as well as her siblings light hearted and full of laughter. All of them are protective of each other and my well…show more content…
My children constantly remind me that even with my flaws and short comings. They feel for me and with me as I do with them. It is not so much what they say that keeps me going but the support that they give no matter what decision I make. As far as having an ego buster, many people have come into my life and made me feel inadequate in some form or another but for years I have had two relatives both aunts that have been quite capable of making me feel as though I have not been able to progress even when I have. They are both every verbal people and their ability to verbally point out the inferiority in people and myself being their focus much of the time assures me that in most times I am on a path they are not happy with because the path that I am on is a path that they them selves have not been able to travel and complete. In the past their ability to take down my ego was mostly rooted in my past short comings even that as a child. Today my short comings are still there but they have changed and the fact that I have been able to separate myself from them has truly changed their ability to be the ego busters that they have been in the past and given me the opportunity to focus on my family, health and ability to grow as a mother and a

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