Egg Osmosis Essay

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Diffusion and Osmosis: The Egg Experiment Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to simulate the effect osmosis has on an animal cell while placing it in different solutions. The shell-less egg acts as the animal cell and the three solutions tests the effects of diffusion on the cell within solutions of different concentrations. Diffusion of molecules and H2O into and out of the cell occurs through the process of passive transport. Passive transport is “the transport of a substance across a membrane from a region of high concentration to a region of lower concentration. Passive transport does not require an input of energy” (Brooker 106). The diffusion of water is called osmosis which is when “water diffuses across a membrane from a hypotonic compartment into a hypertonic compartment” (108). Hypotonic solutions have a lower concentration relative to the solution on the opposite side of the membrane. Hypertonic solutions have a higher concentration relative to the solution on the opposite side of the membrane. The membrane of the egg is selectively permeable which means that only certain ions and molecules are able to pass through the membrane. The hypothesis that was tested in this experiment is: if the egg is placed in the different solutions then diffusion will occur based on the concentration of the solutes in comparison with the solutes within the egg. Due to the high concentration of NaCl in the salt water, osmosis will occur to diffuse water out of the egg. In the Dr. Pepper, water and glucose will diffuse into the egg both through osmosis and passive transport. In the distilled water, the water will diffuse into the egg through osmosis. This diffusion will occur in order to create an isotonic state between the egg and the solution. Materials and Methods This experiment used * 3 eggs * A scale * Vinegar * Distilled H2O

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