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Egg Lab Essay

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Egg Drop Lab Report
The purpose of the project is to understand how impact and impulse will affect an object, in this case an egg. We will have to design a box that will keep an egg from breaking when we drop it from three different lengths. I think that with the design that I was able to come up with my egg will not break from either of the three designated heights.
• Container (5inches×3inches×3inches)
• Plastic bag
• Twinkies
• Egg
• Tape
Design Proposal:
The way that I designed my container for the egg drop will efficiently prevent the egg from breaking because of the materials. I chose to create a layer of air using a paper bag so that the egg would technically not hit the ground. Also because I thought it would give more room to absorb the impact from the crash when it landed. I chose to use Twinkies to cushion the egg because they are soft and will keep the egg in one spot. This would be helpful because the egg wouldn’t accidentally hit a spot where it would be unprotected.
With the design of my container I think it will protect the egg from most of the impact. Although I think that with the weight of the box the impact will be harder. The weight of the container will also decrease the time. With a decrease of time it will increase the impact of the box. Even with those two factors I still believe that the egg will survive because of the way I designed it.
Results:   Table 1
Trial Mass (Grams) Height (m) Avg. Time (sec) Observations
1 162 g 1.7 m 0.26 s Small dent
2 162 g 3.2 m 0.68 s Corner is very dented
3 162 g 5.4 m 0.79 s Nothing new
Analysis:   Table 2
Trial Impact (VF=a×t) Impact (VF2=2a∆Y) Impulse (F∆t=∆P)
1 2.548 m∕s 5.8 m∕s 22.31 m/s
2 6.664 m∕s 7.92 m∕s 11.64 m/s
3 7.742 m∕s 10.29 m∕s 13.03 m/s

1.) VF=a×t                                   a= -9.8 m/s2           t= .48 s           VF=?  
VF= 4.70 m/s
2.) VF2=2a∆Y...

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