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Egg In Vinegar Report

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1. What Biological model does the egg represent?
In this experiment of testing the effects of a raw egg in vinegar, I discovered that the egg represents the cell of an animal with a membrane. I could tell because after days of testing this and the shell disappeared the only thing that was left was the membrane. Also we have been testing the effects of diffusion through a membrane.
2. Why did the egg shell disappear?
The egg shell is made up of 94% calcium carbonate, 4% organic matter, 1% magnesium carbonate and 1% calcium phosphate. On the other hand cider vinegar which I used for this experiment is made up of 5% acid and 95% water. When the acid present in the vinegar comes into contact with the contents that make up the egg shell, a chemical reaction occurs. This chemical reaction caused the egg shell to begin to bubble. Eventually the reaction caused the egg shell to disappear.
3. Once the shell has been removed, the next layer of the egg that is exposed would represent what specific part of a cell?
After the acid removed the shell from the egg, a smooth surface was present on the egg. This next layer is known as the cell membrane or in this case, the transparent membrane. According to my research, although unable to see, there are actually two membranes present but they are held tightly together. When you crack an egg regularly, you may not notice but the membrane is always there. Based on information I found on (http://www.edinformatics.com) the outer membrane sticks to the egg shell, and the inner membrane sticks to the albumen, which is a white fluid next to the membrane.
4. Describe the appearance of the egg once the shell has been removed?
Once the egg shell was removed, I noticed a few things about the appearance of the egg. One thing I noticed was how the egg was soft and smooth the egg was. Another thing I noticed was how it still had some bits, pieces and traces of the calcium shell that was once present. Also the now shell less egg was...

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