Egg Drop Explanation

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For the science project we were asked to create a container that will keep a large chicken egg from breaking upon impact from various heights. Our box contains six key parts that will keep the egg from breaking. The first, and probably the most important, is the small cardboard shipping box. This type of card board is sturdier than regular cardboard because it is used for shipping materials; therefore, it must be stronger then regular cardboard. This ideally will lead to the box being able to withstand the impact that will occur when the box is dropped. The second key part to our container is the sponge/foam padding that we attached to the bottom of our cardboard box. This padding cushions the fall so that when it hits the ground, the impact is absorbed into the foam pads and not the egg. The padding will cause the box to bounce once it has hit the ground, but the materials inside the box are enough to keep the egg from breaking. Plus, the box would be better off bouncing a little and landing on its side, than falling from a great height and having nothing on the bottom to absorb the shock. The last thing that is on the outside of our box is our parachute. That is made out of a cut piece of bandanna. There is a string tied to each corner of the parachute and all the stings are put together in the center. This will permit air to be caught in the parachute, thus, allowing the box to fall slower than if there wasn’t a parachute. If the box falls slower, then there is less momentum because the speed has decreased. The first layer inside the container that is protecting the egg is composed of cosmetic pads. They are through the entire inside of the box (sides, top, and bottom) and provide an excellent type of insulation because they are made of a material that is soft, yet durable. We also put one pad under the egg (above the bubble wrap) so that there was

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