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Egg Drop Experiment Essay

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Science Fair Project Summary-Egg Drop Experiment
For my project I decided to conduct an egg drop experiment. I wanted to test free-fall, the downward movement of an object under only the force of gravity.   In order to test this I designed two different models to place the egg in.   One of which I knew would not work as a result of my research. The other I made to succeed. For the one that was made to result in a break of the egg I used a Styrofoam cup, insulated with tin foil, and cotton stuffing to line bottom of the cup and on top of the egg.   For the other design I used a Styrofoam cup, paper towel to insulate the cup, marshmallows to secure the bottom of the egg, the egg placed in the middle with tin foil on top, and then paper towel on top to cushion the egg when dropped.   To begin my experiment I knew the egg required secure protection that would absorb the shock in order to not break.   Also, I was aware the cotton stuffing would move more than the paper towel, which would result in a in the egg receiving the shock which would cause the egg to crack.   Once my two designs were desirably built it was time to test it.   I decided to drop the egg on concrete because being dropped on a soft surface such as grass could have an impact on the success of the eggs.   I tested each egg individually; I held the first design (the unsuccessful one) in front of me and dropped the egg. The egg broke due to the cotton stuffing moving around and not being able to absorb the shock.   Next, I tested the second design (the successful one) once again I held the egg in front of me and dropped it. The egg hit the ground with success.   The reason as to why the second design succeeded was the egg had multiple layers of protection; paper towel, marshmallows, followed by the egg, tin foil, and a bunch of paper towel, unlike the other experiment that had tin foil and cotton stuffing.   This was just not enough protection for the egg. My experiment shows impact and shock absorption two...

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