Egg Drop Experiment Essay

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Egg Drop Experiment In our science class we did an egg drop experiment. The theory was to drop an egg down a stairwell and add variables to counteract the impact and hopefully to save the egg from breaking or cracking. Our thought process to this idea was to increase air resistance and decrease the impact dealt on the egg itself, those were the important stuff we set our variables to alter with. The experiment was subdivided into three days: Design day, Build Day, and A Test Day. The importance of these days will be explained in detail as you read along. Design Day (Day 1) During this day we set our minds to work to find a great contraption to save our egg from destruction. We were to create 3 prototypes by applying our knowledge of forces, fluid friction and Newton’s law for a successful experiment. Our first thought prototype consisted of an egg with a parachute. The parachute which was to be created with a cut out piece of a garbage bag, was to create an increase in air resistance. This was a splendid idea which could have worked under certain conditions, that the parachute slows the egg in dropping down significantly and the egg took a fall at an angle did not damage the egg. Though this could have worked successfully it was a risky move since the egg would land upon only itself and have all the force exerted from the ground directly to it. Also, the parachute could have not worked enough to slow down the egg. Our next prototype consisted of an egg with metal rings surrounded around it. The metal rings would act to decrease the impact upon the egg. This idea would also work but the egg inside the rings was not to be trusted to be sturdy and there was a change it would bounce around which in that case the egg would be severely damaged. Our last idea was to fill two cups with marshmallows and the egg inside centered between the

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