Egg Drop Competition Lab Report

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Haocheng Zhen Aron Jouvenet John Cureg Date: 5/20/2014 Egg Drop Competition Lab Abstract: The Goal for the lab is to design and build a contraption that can protect 1 large Grade AA raw egg from breaking when it is dropped from the second floor balcony of the Pg Bldg at Citrus College. At the Day 1 we design the first contraption, and find the physics behind contraption. At the day 2, we test the prototype, and if the egg broke, we should adjust it. After the adjustment, we measure the mass, height of drop, and time in flight of the contraption. We did the calculation after we finished the measurement and adjustment. The find day we make the graph of the contraption, and then do the final drop test. Problem of Statement: To design a device that will protect 1 large Grade AA raw egg from breaking when it is dropped from second floor. The device should have a light weight short egg removal time, and the most accurate drop to the drop zone target. Diagram of the Contraption: Prototype: The contraption after adjustments:…show more content…
After we test it, we find the egg holder is too weak to save the egg. So in the second day lab, we do the adjustments for the new contraption. We use the tapes to reduce the weight of the contraption, and we find the relationship between the dependent variable impulse and the independent variable weight is more weight has more impulse when the contraption hit the ground. We add the support around the egg holder, and we also add a cross under the egg holder to reduce the impulse. We improve the egg holder to a diamond shape container, and the new egg holder perfectly protect the egg from any directions. After the egg survive, we calculate the impulse, acceleration, velocity and net force. We find the time is independent variable, and the net force is dependent variable. The relationship between them is shorter time means lager

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