efficiency or inefficiency of current peace organizations

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4. Discuss the efficiency or inefficiency of current peace organizations. Provide reasons for your critique or analysis. I believe that peace organizations are extremely inefficient. Although, I believe that they have good intentions, they contain flaws on many different levels. Peace organizations are based around not only the hope for an optimistic future, but the pessimistic present in which we live. They tend to have unrealistic goals and cannot connect to people on the level in which is needed to make such an extreme and permanent change. People have trouble understanding what the present organizations are trying to achieve, and they fail to convince people that they are not the unprofessional hippies as the majority of society sees them. Finally, people of our current culture are selfish in the sense that they take opportunities as they come, and peace organizations are most often than not unable to persuade people that wars have a negative effect on the economy. Peace organizations take great lengths to promote their hope of a perfect and war-free world. What they tend to leave out however, is that they thrive on pessimistic situations. Without the reality of war, peace organizations would not be able to exist. It is a realism that the organizations would not want to confess. Although most of the people in this world are optimists, they are not easily convinced that peace organizations can do a lot to change what happens in the grand scheme of things. Peace organizations often have truly unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved by the organization itself. Wars do eventually end, yes, however it is rarely due to the efforts of the organizations alone. These organizations lack numbers, they fail to convince people to jump on board for their cause. One reason for the lack of numbers is that their projected audience is on a national level, and the

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