Efficiency in the Auto Industry Essay

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Efficiency 1 Efficiency in the Automotive Industry Bryan Tarpley SCI 207 Lincoln Simmons June 2, 2012 Efficiency 2 Efficiency in the Automotive Industry For many, many years, we have been discussing the need to become less dependent on oil and to think of ways to save our planet. There is no one thing on this planet that is more detrimental to both topics than the automobile. The automobile is the biggest consumer of an oil byproduct that we have. As for saving our planet, we do not have to look past the emissions a car puts out to know this may well be the biggest culprit regarding pollution. It is now time to stop discussing these items and start doing something to make the necessary changes. Americans have fallen into a serious Trans that is costing us dearly. We are so focused on the luxuries that we are blinded to the effects that our fixation is causing. It was just a few years ago that you could not drive down the street without seeing numerous cars the weighed more than 7500 lbs. Everyone drove a big SUV. I was even guilty of this for awhile. The only difference was that my commute to work was less than two miles. It was all about comfort. Put the kids in the back, and I mean the way back, put a movie on the entertainment system and never hear from the again until you stopped at your destination. These mammoth automobiles were not being used for their regular intent. “The trend toward more powerful engines, the shift to trucks and greater luxury, offset the technical gains that we’ve made in fuel economy,” said John DeCicco, a senior associate for the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, a nonprofit research group that has become a lonely voice of conservation these days

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