Efficiency and Collaboration Essay

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Efficiency and Collaboration Carol Green, Terry Hardy, Charles Mitchell, and Sharon Williams BIS/220 November 21, 2013 Karen Clark Efficiency and Collaboration Party Plates Proposal Introduction Party Plates Inc. is a company that sells decorative party plates and napkins. This company makes decorative paper plates and napkins for occasions. The president of the company has assigned Team A with updating the productivity of the prevailing information systems used in the department of sales because the prevailing systems are somewhat out-of-date. At this time, the company is using Microsoft Excel to trace personnel data but would like to move to a relational database like Microsoft Access (Grauer, Poatsy, Mulbery, Hulett, & Mast, 2011). Party Plates Inc. is to present by analyzing possible collaborative software that may enhance interior communications and assist improving the efficiency of the work processes for the department of sales (Grauer, Poatsy, Mulbery, Hulett, & Mast, 2011). The company is attempting to bring their information systems up- to- date. Once updated the company can sell their product on a wider scale and increase revenue. Usefulness of Converting Data Microsoft Excel is the software currently used by Party Plates Inc. Excel keeps track and gathers data, financial information, and company ideas. In the search for new software, the company chose Microsoft Access to replace the software currently used. Access will give Party Plates additional tools. These additional tools will provide better services to the customers and employees. These tools include organizing payroll, maintaining client data, reviewing more than one table, and any other company data. Access allows the company to create table relationships and sort the information specifically to the company’s needs. This will allow the company to generate reports
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