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Effetcs Of Recreational Drugs Essay

  • Submitted by: Scorpio7000
  • on April 25, 2012
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Me – I will set up my laptop in front of the class – I will put the beginning of my PowerPoint presentation on with the first slide reading “The effects of recreational drugs on teenagers aged 14-18”. I will then start off by saying:
Good evening everybody – the topic I will be talking to you about will be on the effects of recreational drug use on teenagers. First of all I will be giving you an outline of what areas i will be talking to about in my presentation. I will start off by giving you a definition of what a recreational drug is. I will then go on to talk about the reasons why teenagers use such recreational drugs and the effects the drugs will have on them. I will further discuss ways that we as a society can do to reduce such drug use and ways to implement solutions to promote anti-drug use and ways to make teenagers more aware of the hazards and the impact that these drugs can have on them in the future. Will also have a few activities for the class to do in small groups throughout the presentation for a more fun learning experience!
Click next on the power point to go to second slide
Let’s start of by explaining what is a recreational drug? So according to the American Psychological Association it refers to a “group of drugs used primarily by young adults often at night clubs, all night parties (raves), bars, trance scenes, and/or bathhouses for recreational use. These drugs are not medically prescribed for therapeutic reasons, but instead used for personal enjoyment”.

Click next slide to discuss the different types of drugs and the categories they can be placed in.

Now some examples of some types of recreational drugs would be cocaine, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, speed, alcohol and tobacco. These different types of drugs obviously affect people differently to each other. For example drugs such as alcohol, GHB, and marijuana would be known as depressants and would have a different affect on the person compared to drugs such as cocaine, speed...

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