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A study schedule to crack TOEFL, IELTS ! 2011 1 of 3 Home Entrance Exams CBSE Grading file:///C:/Users/acer/Desktop/Ujjwal Document/A study schedule to crac... CBSE Helpline CBSE CCE Sample Papers Studying Tips Important Questions Engineering Exam KV HOTS Project Work Forum Olympiads CBSE Schools CBSE Books CBSE A study schedule to crack TOEFL, IELTS ! CBSE Result 2011 Join Us part from the GMAT and GRE examinations, the TOEFL and the IELTS are also crucial prerequisites for admission to foreign universities. O r ku t Enter your Email ID below Follow this schedule and pave the path F a c eb o ok to your studies abroad. T w it t er Y a h o o Gr ou p G oo g l e Gro u p Get all Latest Sample Papers in your inbox ! S M S Alert s TOEFL Latest Week 1 Go through the ETS TOEFL Practice Tests, to understand the TOEFL format. CBSE Proficiency Test, 2011 – Information for Schools AIEEE 2011 Counselling Week 2 Most students who have studied in an English medium school or college, CBSE Result 2011 do not have any problems with the TOEFL. If you want to prepare anyway, CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2011 go through the TOEFL Cliffs, which is available at any Crossword CBSE Class 12 Results Bookstore. Week 3 The TOEFL has a listening section where you have to listen to people talk and then answer questions. Use the TOEFL Cliffs and the TOEFL sampler (ETS) to practies this section. The TOEFL Sampler is free when you register for the exam. Week 4 The next section of the TOEFL is structure. This is a basic grammar section which you can practise from the Cliffs. Week 5 Practise the reading and comprehension section from Barrons TOEFL. The TOEFL sampler CD has practise questions as well. You can get the Barrons TOEFL from any Crossword

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