The effects of young parenting

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One of the biggest effects of young parenting is the fact that today's parents are very young in age and some are even teenagers. A lot are very immature and don't know what it is to actually raise a child of their own. A lot of the young parents are still trying to hangout with their friends, still into getting their hair, nails, and feet done. They're not ready for working full time to support a child. People even think that they have to get pregnant in hopes that it would keep a boyfriend or even a girlfriend around longer. The young that are having children today are still children themselves. A lot of the women of my mother's generation their parents were married and believed in the strong sense of raising a child with morals, good values, and teaching them. Somewhere down the line the idea and meaning of a family got lost. Family is the back bone of how we look at life and how important others are in our lives. The children of today are growing up so fast and not living as a child any more. Parents are out partying with their children instead of real parenting, they have become there friend. To understand the effects of young parenting, you would have to go back to the prior generation, their mothers and fathers. Those born in the 60's and 70's according to stories from my mother, most of them grew up in a era where the people living amongst each other, all looked out for one another as if they were one big happy family. In the typical household back then the parents and grandparents all lived in one household. Children were always being watched by another adult, even if that child was all the way on the other side of town. They were taught at an early age that you don't do wrong, and when they grew up they were going to be the best at whatever they were going to be! They were taught to love one another and to never disrespect an elder. When adults

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