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Effects of War Essay

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  • on May 15, 2008
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Effects of War

For as long as time can remember, wars have been a big part of our history. Conflicts between the greater good and unbalanced have w itself in the books of time. What most people do not realize is the after effects of these wars. People, economy and the way one lives their life can dramatically change after a major war. A person’s mental and physical appearances and thoughts can be forced to a downward spiral of delusion.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD for short, is a symptom in which veterans of war continue to live their lives as if the war is still around them. Mild traumatic brain injury is a common type of PTSD. Symptoms of this stress are the same as those from a concussion. Slower reaction times to emotional problems can occur too. While most cases of traumatic brain injury requires an event to have taken place on the victim, PTSD can be present as a result of increasing effects of combat or extended deployments in the soldiers’ life. A defensive behavior to a common surrounding of the soldier is also a symptom. Pushing away those close to the soldier, can be a sign of repression.

PTSD is divided into two main categories. The two types are avoidance and emotional detachment. They both are the levels at which the seriousness of PTSD can affect the soldier. To become traumatized by horrific events and traumatic experiences, comes commonly with being a soldier. Fighting and resisting the urge to feel fear, is another war one must fight.

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder level of avoidance is the more common of the two reactions. Secluding ones self in the confines of their own home can be a normal thing. The affected soldier will hardly or completely shut themselves out, away from the world. Not associating with long time friends or family members can show that that person might be facing their stage of avoidance. There are cases of serious PTSD, where it gets to the point of the soldier wanting to be killed or even...

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