The effects of video games on adolescents.

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Today in society many people associate video games and adolescents to being nothing but bad. Video games were first created and put on the market in 1967. The first video games consisted of fairly easy task, compared to games today. As years have progressed video games have become more interactive, and come in many varieties for all age groups. Video games are considered to be fun for all age groups, but video games implement some positive and negative effects. Positive effects of video games on adolescents are that they strengthen hand and eye coordination. Also video games help adolescents in social development with their peers. In addition to the positive attributes of video games, they also have negative qualities. For example have played a major impact with the rise in crime rate with adolescents. Lastly video games have been linked to the rise in obesity rate in adolescents. First , a positive attribute that video games have on adolescents are that they allow adolescents to strengthen their hand and eye coordination. Video games consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, helps in the strengthening of hand and eye coordination because it allows users to interact with the game as if they were actually in the game instead of pushing buttons continually. “Engaging the child in an interactive experience, developing hand-eye- motor skills, giving the child a sense of accomplishment, keeping the child off the streets and just encouraging having fun are all judged by many parents to be valuable.”(Tapscott) This quote explains how parents value hand-eye-motor skills, and keeping kids off the streets as importance and video games help in accomplishing these ideas based by parents. Also playing video games strengthens manual dexterity, problem-solving abilities, perseverance, pattern recognition, hypothesis testing, estimating skills, inductive reasoning, resource

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