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Effects of Technology Essay

  • Submitted by: MMKL06
  • on May 12, 2008
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Effects of Technology
Over the years the advances this country has made in technology have been significant to the daily function of life as Americans’ know it.   Older generations tell stories about how it was in their days with no cell phones, computers and television. These are devices that young people could not live with out.   One of the most essential technological developments that virtually powers our country is the internet. The internet has become part of American’s education, business, and social lives.
As early as elementary and well through college students are taught the basic functions of internet usage. Beginning with proper researching techniques children learn how to research for homework through kid friendly sites such as www.kids.yahoo.com/learn. With this foundation set society has moved from going to the library to look in a book for information to sitting at their computers and using search engines such as Google to gain information on anything.
Businesses have also benefited from the use of the internet, through expansion. It was only a few years ago, a company could only operate with in its’ local area. Once internet became publicly, widely and securely available it became a median for a businesses to expand worldwide. Now I home business such as Oyin Handmade, a home made hair care line at www.oyinhandmade.com, can advertise and generate business globally.
Aside from business use the internet has taken over social communications. Once the only means of communication were through telegraphs, hand written letters and telephone calls, now are replaced with emails, chat rooms, instant messaging, and videos. The most popular forms of internet communications have become myspace at www.myspace.com and Youtube at www.youtube.com.
The internet has become apart of daily life as much as the morning cup of coffee. People get on the internet to stay up to date on world news and weather, to take part in ecommerce, as well as to keep in contact with...

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