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Effects of Technology Essay

  • Submitted by: darner30
  • on August 31, 2008
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Effects of Technology Essay
The first desk top sized computer made its appearance in 1974. The demand for this computer was overwhelming. The manufacturing companies saw the demand and started to produce more of these computers, this was the beginning of the personal computer (THE GREAT IDEA FINDER, 1997). The personal computer has influenced the way that we live our lives through the way we communicate, work, and even entertain ourselves.
Communicating with personal computers
When the internet came about the personal computer made it possible for people to communicate through email, instant messaging, and personalized web pages. Email has made it possible for people to send instant letters to each other. Through email we are able to send letters to people thousands of miles away in a matter of minutes. Instant messaging allows people to chat with someone through there personal computer instantly. Personalized web pages allow people to post information about them on the internet for other to see and view though their personal computer. The forms of communication not only affect the way people interact in their personal life, but in their professional life as well.
Working with personal computers
        The personal computer has affected the way we as a county and world work. The PC has eliminated the need for humans to perform the difficult calculations needed to perform mathematical, scientific, and engineer work. For example, instead of having to perform a lengthy mathematical equation myself, running Microsoft Excel on my personal computer gets the addition done in a click of a button. Personal computers have also made it possible for people to write, edit, and print a hard copy of their written works all at one location. Through the personal computer people have learned how to be efficient at their work place, but they have also learned that the personal computer can be fun.
Gaming on personal computers
In today’s generation the personal computer has...

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