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Effects of Periodontal Diseases on Health Care Industry. Essay

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  • on October 18, 2008
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Effects of Periodontal Diseases on Health Care Industry.

Periodontal disease has been implicated to be an important risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcomes such as prematurity and low birth weight. Periodontal literally means "around the tooth." Periodontal or gum diseases are serious infections affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth. These tissues include the gums and bone supporting the teeth. Gone unchecked, periodontal disease can result in tooth loss.
Preterm birth and low birth weight is associated with risk for mortality in the first year of life, with developmental problems in childhood, and with risk of several diseases in adulthood (Scannapieco et al., 2003, P 71).   About 75% of perinatal deaths occur in infants born prematurely, with the majority of deaths occurring in infants delivered before 32 weeks gestation.   To reduce periodontal disease during pregnancy, women free access to treatment should be implemented; awareness of the health risks and mortality rates should be taken in consideration; and the government and dentists must inform the public about the outcomes of periodontal disease.
First, to reduce periodontal disease during pregnancy, women should be able to
receive free access to periodontal treatment.   Prenatal periodontal care to low income
undeserved women of all races, are recognized as being at particular high risk for early
delivery and low birth weight.   ‘’When Medicare was established in 1965, congress made
a blanket exclusion of dental care’’ (Riggs, 2006, P 39).   Medicaid coverage varies from
state to state, but adult periodontal services are covered in just nine states, according to a                                                                                                                                               U.S government accountability office report to congress (39).   If preventing and treating...

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