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Effects On Basketball Shooting Percentage Essay

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In this experiment, the researcher was trying to figure out from which trajectory height, chest height, chin height, or overhead height, would increase a basketball player’s shooting percentage. The researcher hypothesized that shooting the ball from the chin height would make you make more shots and therefore increase one’s shooting percentage. To complete the experiment, the researcher first began by measuring out fifteen feet distance from a ten foot high basketball hoop. Then, he had each player, the researcher, his brother, and his dad, shoot from each of the designated shooting positions taking ten shots from each position. After that, the researcher calculated the shooting percentage of each of the three shooters.
The researchers received adequate results. For shooting from the chest height, the researcher went five for ten for a 50% shooting percentage. The researcher’s brother went only four for ten getting a 40% shooting percentage, while the researcher’s dad did the best going a perfect ten for ten from the chest height, a perfect 100%. After that, next was the chin height from which the researcher went seven for ten with a 70% shooting percentage. The researcher’s brother went six for ten, while the researcher’s dad also went seven for ten. Next was the overhead height. The researcher shot a 60% going six for ten, the researcher’s brother went five for ten, and the researcher’s dad went seven for ten.
To conclude this experiment, the researcher figured out that shooting from the chin height did overall give the best results, proving their hypothesis correct.

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