Effects of Word Length

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The Effect Of Word-length in Memory Recall Definition The concept that it is more challenging to remember a list of long words compared to a list of short words. It also states that words that are shorter to pronounce are easier to remember than words that take longer to pronounce. Significance The word length effect shows that short words are easier to remember and this is because it takes longer to rehearse the long words. This effect also provides an explanation as to why American children can remember a larger range of digits than Welsh children. Generally, Welsh numbers require a greater amount of time to pronounce than English numbers. This allows for a smaller amount of Welsh digits to be contained in the phonological loop in comparison to the English digits. This ultimately results in a shorter memory span in for the Welsh digits. Working memory (Allan Baddley) Working memory is a limited capacity part of the human memory system that combines the temporary storage and manipulation of information in the service of cognition. Short-term memory refers to information-storage without manipulation and is therefore a component of working memory. Working memory differs from long-term memory, a separate part of the memory system with a vast storage capacity that holds information in a relatively more stable form. According to the multi-component model, working memory includes an executive controller that interacts with separate short-term stores for auditory-verbal and visuo-spatial information. The concept of working memory has proved useful in many areas of application including individual differences in cognition, neuropsychology, normal and abnormal child development and neuroimaging. The term working memory is used most frequently to refer to a limited capacity system that is capable of briefly storing and manipulating information involved in the performance
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