Effects of Wealth Essay

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Alfredo Hernandez The Effects of Wealth America over the years has become a great world power. But you’d have to question how this power came to be. America’s foundation has been built on the idea of wealth supremacy, which translates to inequality. One good example is the passing of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 commonly known as the G.I. Bill. This bill gave tremendous benefits. Benefits that included low-cost mortgage loans, low interest loans for a start up business and cash for tuition all available to military service men. The negative aspect of this bill was that it was exclusive and unequal, the benefits of this great bill excluded African Americans. The G.I. bill was purposely used this way in a strategic manner. One perfect example of the strategic implementation of The G.I. bill was the exclusiveness in low-cost mortgage loans. This was made exclusive in order to segregate and thus creating a rich and poor. Carving the development of the American society that exists today. Once there is a rich and a poor established there is a gap that exist. You can’t see it unless you debunk the hierarchy that exists in the time. This gap influences the American government because it is the rich and wealthy who shape the agenda of the government. Lastly, people with money and corporations with money are able to influence politicians through campaign contributions. All made possible by the American Readjustment act of 194 The whole Idea of using the readjustment act to have exclusivity was to bring back the norms that the country was developed with since the birth of this nation. Take the Jim Crow Laws for example this law prevented African Americans from joining whites in public domains. This Idea of separate but equal was the loophole the law that was used to keep segregation for as long as possible. “ Separation of races did not mean that one was

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