Effects of War Essay

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Joshua Wiggs Mr. Wellen English 3 18 November 2012 The Effects of War There are men dying today that do not even know what they are fighting for or why. Fighting for your country is an honorable thing but the government officials sitting behind their desks do not understand the sacrifices like the soldiers do. In the novel Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, the main character Joe Bonham is faced with the grim reality of suffering the effects of war. He is in critical condition in the begging of the book and is left with no limbs, deaf, blind, and mute. Throughout the book he continually tries to fight the pain of the lonely feeling. He tries to make some contact with the nurses numerous times throughout the novel but he soon realizes that he is more of a liability to them, and they are allowing him to live because its politically correct not because they care. There is one conflict that Joe is faced with in the novel that sets the tone and all the other conflicts in the story. That is the suffering that he has endured physically, causes his mental state to deteriorate. He tries to keep track of time to keep his sanity, and he ends up doing so by keeping track of when he is bathed. He thinks if he cannot keep track of time he is "nothing and less than nothing." Later on once Joe realizes that he can keep track of time he wants to make contact with the nurses that take care of him. He tries to do this by vibrating his vocal cords and using morris code. Bonham struggles with this constantly feeling hopeless because nobody understands these vibrations that he is making. The conflict in this story is immense and effects Joe Bonham both mentally and physically. Throughout the story he continues to try to make contact with the nurses by using morris code. Finally one of the nurses realizes what he is trying to do and what he is saying, she gets a man to try to

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