Effects Of Urban Sprawl

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Midterm Essay: Suburbanization and Urban Sprawl in the US The United States is a fast growing country, it does not come to any surprise that there has been an urban sprawl through out cities within the United States. This has not been recent occurrence with in the past 5 years. The decline of population from the central city became noticeable in the 1950’s. This number has continued to grow since then. Today each morning Americans in the country start up their vehicles and drive miles and miles to their jobs in the city. They endure traffic, and waste time driving just so that they can live in neighborhoods that have hundreds of homes that all look alike, or for home that is surrounded by farmland. Urban sprawl didn’t become a big problem or talked about issue until the late 1930’s. This was when personal transportation hit a high. John S. Adams created a four-stage model of how transportation affected urban sprawl. This was called “The Adams four-stage model of development and transport”. In stage 1 before the 1880’s people lived in a concentric circle pattern of the city. Since horse and carriage, and walking were the only ways of transportation. This limited the expansion of the cities and lead to overcrowding, since this was where a majority of the jobs were located in the central city. Moving on to stage 2, which went from the 1880’s to World War I. The introduction of the electric streetcar, which allowed people to move about faster and not have to walk as much. With an easier way to move about this changed the housing type. The housing type changed from multiple-family housing to two or single-family housing, making the urban area form a star like shape. Starting in the 1920’s but didn’t make a huge impact until the 1930’s stage 3 began when recreational use of the automobile came to major use. With more people having the ease of
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