Effects Of Trauma On Child Development

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Trauma, Child Development, and Spirituality Meriqua D. White Liberty University Research shows that each year, nearly five million children experience some form of trauma in their lives. Traumatic events include physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, suicide, death, medical and vehicle accidents, domestic violence and maltreatment. While one traumatic event is enough to alter a child's normal course of development, it is more common for children to experience multiple traumatic events in their young lives. While trauma affects children in various ways, it has a profound impact upon the brain and in how children develop through the stages of life (La Greca, 2008). How Trauma Can Affect Child Development Trauma affects…show more content…
There are many factors that lead to developmental delays in children. These factors are divided into genetic influences and environmental influences. Children who come from households with low socioeconomic status are more at risk for developmental delays (Dunlap, 51-53). Prenatal (before birth), perinatal (during birth), and postnatal factors (after birth) also play a role in these delays. For example, an infant may be born prematurely, be exposed to drugs in the womb, or experience maternal deprivation. Children who are delayed developmentally often have low IQs, receive inadequate medical care, suffer from learning disabilities, live in poverty, and may experience trouble within diverse, bilingual cultures. Additionally, children who are born with low birth weights often have higher rates of illnesses including mental retardation, deafness, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, and other issues (Dunlap,…show more content…
Different types of trauma include: sexual abuse, physical abuse, acts of terrorism, emotional abuse, psychological maltreatment, accident, illness, domestic violence, natural disasters, man-made disasters, war, school violence, community violence, bullying, separation, divorce, abandonment, death, loss, and grief. Many children experience two or more of these types of trauma in their lives (Roberts, 2011). For example, a child who is bullied at school may also be a witness to domestic violence at home. A child whose parent(s) died at a young age may experience feelings of abandonment and/or

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