Effects Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Trials in Teenage Life During the Salem witch trials many people were often judged based on their beliefs, wealth and by how well they were known. Jealousy and superstition caused many rumors to evolve all throughout the town, when several young girls filled their minds with the idea that witches existed. Those who wanted the spotlight in the town would accuse anyone around them including their maids, neighbors and old friends, of being witches. These accusations were clearly made from gossip and rumors that traveled person to person. A more present example of where gossip and rumors are a big deal would be at a high school. Throughout a typical day, rumors and stereotypes are created about those students who are different or stick out…show more content…
Clicks often form based on interests, athletic ability and also by appearance. During school, lunch is certainly a “trial” considering if you do not fit in with the people in your lunch you are not accepted. Lunch is the time too see which groups of people have the same common interests because they more then likely will be sitting with each other. Immediately someone would be able to pick out those who do not fit in with a big crowd from those who have many friends. Social groups could relate back to the Salem witch trials because during this time, people generally formed groups of friends according to their beliefs or wellbeing. If one person in the group was to accuse someone of being a witch, then all the others in the group would also believe in that same accusation. This causes several troubles throughout the town of Salem since rumors began to spread, just like they do within a high…show more content…
It allows people to see that giving into rumors is immature and not worth the stress. Being in high school can cause people not to realize how judgmental everyone truly is. Almost everything said between different groups of people is gossip, whether it is realized or not. People of lower social status then others are the ones more likely to be targeted when it comes to rumors. The kids in school who are made fun of are less likely to stick up for themselves considering getting picked on lowers a person’s self-esteem. The appalling treatment brought upon those who are seen as “different” or “weird” is noticeable because hurtful rumors travel quickly through a high school, allowing many kids to find out about what is said to be

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