Effects Of The Primary Classroom

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What makes an effective primary classroom? Discuss and debate with reference to research and wide reading, including journals, books and other media During this essay I will look at several areas of schooling, all of which have an impact on making the classroom a productive place for children to learn. Getting the right balance of all factors in the classroom is vital in maintaining and progressing a child’s intelligence. I will specifically focus on the ways in which teaching methods can make the classroom a successful place to be. In particular how they keep the classroom under control but also make it a fun place to learn. I will also look closely at the learner, this being the child. They need to be mentally stimulated, otherwise concentration is lost. I want to look closely at how this level of concentration can be obtained and at what levels and at what time span does their mind begin to wander. I will also look at behavioural patterns within classrooms, from this I will see how behaviour can be kept under control to make the classroom effective. I will collect information from many sources, this will help me to gain an understating from teachers own experiences. It will also give me information to explain how behaviour and other aspects in the classroom are dealt with effectively. In the primary classroom there are many areas which need to be taken into account. The planning for each piece of work needs to be carefully linked in conjunction with the national curriculum and it also needs to fit in with the desired learner. When we look at learning there are many processes involved. Two American psychologists, Rumelhart and Norman, considered all learning to be organising information in what they called schemas. This is known as the organised in formation characterized in our minds. The schemas are the parts of knowledge to which we already hold, they

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