Effects Of The Cold War In Afghanistan

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Course: History Year 11/12 Unit: International Relations 1945 to Present Length of Report: 1,000 words Weighting: This essay is to be worth 20% of your final grade for this unit Due Date: Term 4, Week 4 Task: The following task options cover individual research tasks/document study. Choose one of the following countries below, to research and discover the ways in which the superpower cold war conflict had an impact on this nation. Chosen Nation: Afghanistan The heavy blemish of influence created by Russia and the United States, covers a wide variety of countries and cultures. Their secretive fights over super-power dominance litter the pages of textbooks and can be attributed as the cause of many countries current well being and political upbringing. After the Second World War had ended, large parts of the world were divided among the Allied victors, (called the spheres of influence.) America retained influence over the Western Hemisphere, and a large majority of the Eastern European and Asian Hemispheres were relinquished as the Soviet Union’s. This clash of hemispheres brought much attention to Europe and Asia at the time, due to the heavy drive for the Sino-Soviet communists to expand, and America to repress that expansionism. But, for those highly publicized decades, there are hardly any reports of the influence of the cold war over the Middle East. While Russia sought to expand gradually through the world, Afghanistan until the late 1970’s was the last of the Soviet’s worries. In fact, until that time the only influence, either Russia or America had on Afghanistan was that during the third Anglo-Afghan War of 1917, just before the Russian Revolution. After that conflict, as the Soviet Union turned within to solve its inner domestic political conflicts, Afghanistan returned to its former higher imperialist government and remained as such until the
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