Effects of Technology on Pre-Schoolers

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What are the effects of technology on pre-schoolers? Technology was once thought to be an extension of our body and to give us the upper hand. However, today, our reliance on technology is increasing at an alarming rate. Take a look around us. We rely so much on technology that if it were to be taken away, most of our daily efforts would be rendered useless. As we accumulate these technologies, they are slowly landing in the hands of children. There is no doubt that technology today is perpetuating our productivity, but what is it doing to the development of children? There are several detrimental effects of technology towards children, mainly stunting brain development, isolating them from the real world, as well as severely affecting their health. The prime issue that affect children hooked on technology is brain development. Children are becoming impressive yet excessive data scanners. With the availability of information at our fingertips, children are becoming gradually complacent and lack the ability to remember information by heart as they rely on technology to find it (Rosen). With an overflow of “educational” multimedia available to families at practically no cost, children are relying on it much more than they have previously, which limit practice of creativity and imagination. Thus, they are unable to produce ideas of their own (Taylor).The early experience and interaction with the environment is essential for a child’s growing mind (Brotherson). As children’s creativity and imagination dwindle, their ability to learn substantially decreases. Because of their ineffective learning methods, they succumb to problems when learning language. There is a direct correlation between the time parents spend communicating with their infant and the growth of an infant’s vocabulary. This has been presented in a research conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics

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