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Effects of Technology on Decision Making Essay

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Effects of Technology on Decision Making
Tonya Reed
April 18, 2013
Michele Baham

Effects of Technology on Decision Making
The rapid growth of computerized technology has influenced health care organizations significantly.   It has affected organizational structure, their business models, and the way health care is accessed and delivered.   Technology has helped to standardize processes and procedures, access patient health records almost instantaneously, reduce health care errors, and provide quality health care at a distance through telehealth and telenursing.   With improved technology and the need to access information, effective planning of health care information systems is necessary.   One needs to analyze the needs of the various groups, determine what information they need for effective decision-making, and identify the data needed to produce the required information.   “Understanding the decision-making process, as a basis for planning health care information systems” (Englebardt & Nelson, 2002, p. xvii) is a crucial.   This paper will discuss systems, informatics theories and models, and the effects of technology on decision-making in the health care setting, the role of expert system in nursing care and medicine, the use of decision aids and decision support systems, the uses of technology for patient and client management, and the effects of technology on health care and health status.
A system is a set of parts or components integrated to function together for a particular purpose (Von Bertalanffy, 1975).   A system is also a product that can be manufactured such as a computer system. The components of a computer include a monitor, keyboard, tower, speakers, software, and other related parts that make the computer work.   A system can be a closed or an open system.   A closed system has an impenetrable boundary and does not interact with the outside environment.   An open...

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