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154 International Arab Journal of e-Technology, Vol. 1, No. 4, June 2010 Effect of Electronic Interactive Technologies Usage on Services Marketing Activities Empirical Study on Banking Sector in Jordan Zakaria A. Azzam , Nidal M. Alramahi Faculty of economic and administrative sciences, Zarka private university, Jordan Abstract: The importance of new technology in marketing of financial services can't be ignored. Interactive technology helps marketers to inexpensively engage consumers in one- to- one relationships fueled by two way conversation via mouse click on computer. Several organizations especially in services businesses are increasingly strengthening their marketing function by effectively interacting with their customers with the help of sophisticated interactive technologies in an integrated manner. Enough research in the usage or adoption of electronic data interchange (EDI) can be found both in information systems and marketing literature. Therefore; it appears that different interactive technologies have been studied individually by different researchers. This motivates researchers to find out studies related to interactive technologies and their usage or adoption especially in the field of marketing activities in a developing country like Jordan. This paper attempts to understand the effect of the usage of interactive technologies in financial services businesses with the intention to derive implications for the development of interactive technologies to suit its intended users. Keywords: Interactive Technology, E-Banks, Marketing Activities. Received April 21, 2009; Accepted March 3, 2010 1. Introduction Many of the traditional boundaries are being eroded as new technologies offering innovative forms of financial services marketing enables new firms to enter the financial markets. Thus, financial Institutions are being forced to spend heavily on

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