Effects of Technology Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Effects of Technology I think cellular communications has had one of the largest technological effects on life in this country. Technological advances of cellular communications has affected lifestyles of individuals of every age group by affording people the freedom to pursue personal, professional and educational activities remotely from the touch of a button. Cellular communications allow an individual to communicate electronically with another cellular or electronic device anywhere in the world. You can take pictures, listen to music, play video games, send text messages, and send emails and documents to anyone anywhere at any time. Cellular phones allow people to stay in contact with family and friends through voice, photo images and text. Cellular devices can be connected to computers to download or upload information and can significantly reduce response time during a situation of urgency. Cellular communications have made it affordable for people to have phones that could not otherwise afford a phone in their home; while other cellular users have been able to reduce their monthly telephone expenses by eliminating the land lines in their homes and offices. Cellular communication allows people confined by disabilities or location constraints to communicate with the outside world. Cellular applications provide an individual with the ability to conduct banking activity by simply taking an image of a check and transmitting it to the bank for deposit, while other cellular applications provide medical professionals with the ability to take an individuals’ blood pressure or quickly respond to a medical emergency. Cellular technology has revolutionized the business environment, giving it a competitive advantage by being available by phone anytime from anywhere, and can enhance productivity, lower

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