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Effects of Technology Introduction In society, technology has been the fastest growing element to date. From the World Wide Web to texting, technology has proven to expand throughout the years. Many people think the cell phone has proved to be the greatest technological development in time. Without computer based technology, none of the programs on the cell phone would exist, without satellites, cell phones would not function either. Basically, there has been a great effect, of all varieties, in technology. There is not just one specific type of technology that has had the biggest effect on society today; rather there have been multiple technologies that feed off of each other. Computers, cell phones and satellites have been the most advancement throughout the years. Computers Personal computers have been around for about 35 years. Although not everyone owned one, they were present. Computers have enabled many more advancements in the world such as video games, cell phones, navigation systems, etc. Without the use of computers and their programs not many of the technology today would exist. In 2005, according to Opinion Research Corporation's CARAVAN's survey, three out of four American's owned a computer, about 76 percent. This has been a major advancement in technology in this country. Cell phones Portable phones were first introduced to the public in 1977, even though the idea was present long before. The cell phone has given many people a way to communicate with other’s while on vacation, in another state, or just driving home. The cell phone is still developing today, with navigation, music, and applications for just about anything. According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, there are approximately 271,825,505, wireless subscribers in the US today. This means that about 89.47% of the United States owns a cell phone. This has grown

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