Effects of Technology Essay

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We have stepped in the 21st century and the world has given us some unbelievable technology. But when we look at the backside of the latest technology, we find that we have made these technology for our destruction . With the advancement in the field of latest technology, we have to face many disadvantages out of the benefit of modern technology such as stress factor, hectic life, fear of nuclear war, cyber-crime, high growth of eye disease, increase of body weight and new transportation technology which has brought pollution and congestion in major cities. On the other side, the world is facing terrorists threat and new technology invented by the scientists have armed them with a technology which can destroy a city in seconds with mere pushing of a button. 1. Cyber-crime: advance technology has created millions of cases of cyber-crime like hackers breaking into the other people’s accounts and stealing money. Also cyber terrorism takes many forms. One of the more popular is to threaten a large bank. The terrorists hack into the system and then leave an encrypted message for senior directors, which threatens the bank. In essence, the message says that if they do not pay a set amount of money, then the terrorists will use anything from logic bombs to electromagnetic pulses and high-emission radio frequency guns to destroy the banks files. Cyber-terrorism can be used for an assassination. In one case, a mob boss was shot but survived the shooting. That night while he was in the hospital, the assassins hacked into the hospital computer and changed his medication so that he would be given a lethal injection. He was dead a few hours later. 2. Recently one of incident occurred in one of the call centres in Gurgaon, Haryana where one spy camera was found hidden in the ladies washroom. Complaint was lodged only when all women workers protested against it. Who is

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