Effects of Technology Essay

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Chrystal MacDonald Professor Cynthia Watkins ENC1102 20 May 2012 The Demise of Personal Contact Through Communication Technology On a typical day, family has dinner with cellphones or laptops, the rare friendly greeting is a result of bumping into each other while texting. Children are more intimate with a chat room username than anyone at school. Technology makes communication effortless, but reduces opportunity for personal contact. Communication technologies are beneficial in some environments. For instance, wireless communication makes successfully running a business or maintaining relationships simple. In contrast, declining face-to-face interaction has generated less perceivable, concerning, personal sacrifices. This paper will exemplify three sacrifices: cyber-bullying, parent-child relationships, and human needs. * The psychological effects of cyber-bullying are appreciably greater compared to traditional bullying. Cyber-bullying is defined as “harassment using an electronic medium (E-mail, chat rooms, cell phones, instant messaging, and online voting booths) to threaten or harm others” (P. Strom and R. Strom 33). Before electronic mediums, bullying was an anticipated and manageable part of childhood. A child’s home was used to escape being called hurtful names, victimized by rumors or assaulted physically. Eluding bullies is unfeasible because of e-communication devices. The ability to bully others without direct confrontation is the major difference between cyber-bullying and bullying. Young adults write things online they wouldn’t have said in person due to an erroneous feeling of anonymity (Beckerman and Nocero 37). Electronic media circulates rapidly and reaches substantial audience numbers. The effects of cyber-bullying are menacing, long term and difficult to control. * Interminable e-communication jeopardizes parent-child

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