Effects of stress on well being Essay

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EFFECTS OF STRESS ON PYSCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL WELL BEING The effect of stress on today’s population is a point of interest for research psychologists. It is so because of the many results of dealing with this stress, and the effect it has on different members of our culture. From the everyday distress of raising a family or the higher expectations that the current workforce is subjected to, people must learn to cope with this psychologic weight or suffer from various physical and mental maladies that are becoming much more widespread. Research in this area of psychology is not new, but is starting to become a mainstream topic for new studies. Work Related Distress My first research article covers the alarming rise in mental distress suffered at work (Stansfeld et al., 2008 p. 1). This article provides insight to the psychologic hardships faced day to day in the workplace. Also discussed is the rise in reported physical ailments linked to the rise in mental distress (1). The increase of these sicknesses has huge implications on the ways that businesses operate. The piece “Work Related Distress- a Real Increase in Ill Health?” was constructed using the survey/interview research design method (1). The information gathered and used to form the results of this study was gathered from The Occupational Health Decennial for National Statistics and Health and Safety. Also used for further interpretation and correlation were several other studies cited in the article (1). While the survey method is an excellent tool to gather large amounts of information, there are some weaknesses. One weakness of this method is in the difficulty of controlling for the population that you want to research (1). A second problem is maintaining accuracy in your results as some of the research topics may be taboo or embarrassing for the interviewee to answer

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