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Stress and the effect on the mind and body One of the most unavoidable parts of everyday life is stress or more accurately pressure. “Stress like Einstein’s theory of evolution, is a scientific concept which has suffered from the mixed blessing of being too well known and too little understood” Dr Hans Selye. There are many books, articles in magazines, television programs and posters around to show that stress is perceived to be very harmful. Stress may be a lot more recognised for being bad for the mind and body yet regardless of the information, there are still many myths about the real effect it had and what it exactly is. This paper will highlight the psychological and physical effect stress has and what causes stress itself. The body can try and resort back to a state of calm or homeostasis by resisting the alarm. The perception of a threat will keep the body from complete homeostasis and the body will stay aroused, causing the organs to work overtime. This can cause exhaustion and could result in stomach ulcers, low blood sugar but in a more serious case an organ may just fail to function because of the demands put upon it. Stress can be looked at as a kind of alarm reaction. It can involve a heightened mental and bodily state as a reaction both psychologically and physiologically to the environment. When a situation is mentally or physically demanding, the body will produce a stress reaction. Stress can be good for you as it can protect you when you need to think quickly or are in danger because it keeps you alert. An example of this would be if you are stressed about an exam. The stress will help motivate you to study better and help you to work harder towards a better grade. If the stress is not temporary then long term exposure to it can be very harmful on the body and mind. There are a few reasons why stress can be caused. Events in the

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