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Effects of Smoking Essay

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Cigarette smoke contains a wide variety of toxic chemicals, a large quantity of which are carcinogenic. In this laboratory the effects of various components of cigarette smoke on cilia’s actions in living tissue will be examined. This test will be expose cilia to varying parameters, in this case the quantity of the cigarette that has been smoke, to view the ramifications that an alteration has upon the effects of cigarette smoke. Through these tests involving changing parameter the magnitude of the effects of cigarettes will be identified. The procedure will be carried out by exposing mollusc gill cells (Matilus edulis) to aqueous extracts of smoke created, at two different concentrations, both of which have been formed in the laboratory.   Mollusc gill cells will then in turn be exposed to varying concentrations of cigarette smoke and observed, making notes of cilia movement. Using the measurements attained through these observations a conclusion as to the effects the quantity of a cigarette smoked has on cilia movement will be drawn.
Materials & Methods:
The methods of this laboratory came in the most part directly from the lab manual itself, with an outline of the experimental procedure, both parts A (page 44) and B (page 45-46) present. Other instruction as to the parameters, in this case the length of cigarette that would be smoked, rate of smoking and exposure was given by the teaching assistant. The instructions given by the teaching assistants was, one sample with a fully smoked 5.5cm cigarette and the other with a half smoked 3cm cigarette, rate of smoking was four puffs a minute or one approximately every 15 seconds and an exposure time of five minutes. Materials used consisted of a hooka used to draw smoke in and create the aqueous smoke solutions. DuMaurier cigarettes were the choice cigarette for testing the effects of cigarette smoke on cilia, consisting of; tar 14-34mg, nicotine 1.3-2.8mg, CO 16-32mg. Well slides used to hold aqueous...

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