Effects Of Shoplifting

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Lexi Albrecht Shoplifting is when someone steals items for sale in retail stores. In order to commit shoplifting, someone must intend to permanently take away the sellers merchandise. The shoplifter usually does this by placing the items in their purse, pockets, or inside clothing. Shoplifting has become a very big problem recently. Many different kinds of people shoplift. Shoplifting can affect a lot of different people and areas. These areas include the community, the merchant, and the shoplifter’s family. After I’ve been caught shoplifting, I realized how wrong it was and how it is a disadvantage to everyone involved. Since stealing has become a growing problem, stores try to crack down on shoplifters to make punishments as strict as possible so it doesn’t happen again. This affects the community in many ways. Every shoplifter who takes products usually doesn’t realize that the merchant has to pay to replace the items, which are a big setback. Some stores could even close down because of shoplifting, causing the store to go bankrupt. Another reason it affects the community is because stores often raise their prices, which then causes more shoplifting. It’s unfair to the people who don’t shoplift because they either have to pay more for the product or go somewhere else to shop. It can also affect you towards the community because if you have shoplifting on your record, it could be difficult to get a job. Especially in retail and the store you stole from. Community service is also an inconvenience to shoplifters that get caught. The shoplifter is stuck doing numerous hours of work on their own time, without pay. The consequences of shoplifting also affect you and your family members majorly. An example of this might be if you have younger siblings. If your sibling is aware of the situation or even aware that you’ve shoplifted before, he or she might think
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