Effects of Race in Our Education K-12

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The Effects of Race in our Education k-12 English 1A 5/18/2011 “Education: It’s Unavoidable Favoritism” The Effects of Race and Class in Education Grades K-12 It would be a lie if you were to hear that education has spread itself evenly between California’s differentiating race and class. Throughout history we have seen valiant attempts to create equality in the learning facility such as Affirmative Action and the Equal Protection clause. In the United States, our Constitution guarantees that no person or group will be denied such protection under the law as is enjoyed by similar persons or groups. These individuals must be treated without prejudice and with the same treatment that their peers receive. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits states from denying any person "the equal protection of the laws." Unfortunately, as Jonathan Kozol explains “The truth, unhappily, is that the trend, for well over a decade now, has been precisely the reverse. Schools that were already deeply segregated twenty-five or thirty years ago are no less segregated now, while thousands of other schools around the country that had been integrated either voluntarily or by the force of law have since been rapidly re-segregating...” (Kozol 618), Segregation of race within our education is worsening every year, ruining the lives of young children by trapping them in a hole they can’t get out of. By disregarding segregation and an epidemic, our Nation has created a false front that pretends to treat its people with equality and fairness. However, by just deconstructing the segregation of one town from the thousands in California it has been made incredibly clear that segregation is an American way of life. Race in Education will be the downfall of our amazing nation as well as our beloved California. Much of America is under the general impression

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