Effects of Preemies Births Essay

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Effects of Premature Birth The health and birth records of just about a million adults showed the risk of mental and health disorders going from cerebral palsy to being mentally delayed in adulthood increased with reducing gestational age at birth. Babies born earlier than 37 weeks are considered premature. According to a new study, the effects of premature birth may last further than adolescence and affect adult psychological and physical health in numerous ways. Effects of premature births are learning problems, vision and hearing problems, and feeding and digestive problems. These all can change an individual life tremendously The most common lasting effect of prematurity is another form of learning disability. Disabilities may be minor, severe, or in middle, and regularly don’t be obvious up to children begin school. Mathematics is affected the most; language and reading are least affected. Early intervention and programs like Head Start or tutoring can help reduce learning difficulties to encourage school success. Micro preemies are in danger of an eye illness called retinopathy of prematurity; it’s a condition that can cause vision weakening or blindness. Because retinopathy of prematurity is easiest to treat when it's caught early, premature babies are screened quickly, regularly while they are still in the hospital. This is treated with freezing or with a laser operation, and almost all newborns recover absolutely. Premature babies normally cannot receive nutrients directly from the breast or a bottle at birth, and possibly will be fed with IV fluids or through a tube in the nose or mouth for a number of weeks. These initial feeding trials can cause enduring feeding complications, such as food rejection and slow development. Severe circumstances of necrotizing enter colitis could call for bowel surgical treatment, which can make difficulty with feeding

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