Effects of Organized Crime on Our Society

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Effects of Organized Crime on Our Society Stephanie Garner Martin Methodist College CJ 360 Effects of Organized Crime on Our Society Organized crime is a group of people who commit various levels of criminal actions along with having some type of criminal relationship with public officials or lawyers (Woodiwiss, 2005). Organized crime was not always in the United States. Sicilian and Italian mafia members became prominent in the United States around the time of prohibition (Woodiwiss, 2005). There are many different words people use to describe organized crime. The most used one is mafia, which is a term from Sicily meaning a secret criminal society (Nicaso & Danesi, 2013). Organized crime has made a huge impact in the history of the United States. The effects of organized crime impacted the society culturally, morally, financially, governmentally. Culture is a huge part of organized crime. Nicaso and Danesi (2013) stated that culture can be described as a set of codes that provide guidelines on conduct and interactions. Many of the Italian mafia members can trace their origins through religious events and figures (Nicaso & Danesi, 2013).Organized crime families may not be all related by blood by typically they are related in heritage. The families usually only give their trust those who have the same nationality. The cultural aspect of organized crime is not necessarily a bad effect. Organized crime members keep their culture alive by only allowing others of their nationality to join their family. The mafia may have Jewish associates run certain operations like a casino or a labor racketeering ring but would not consider them part of the family (Woodiwiss, 2005). Culture is very important to the members of organized crime families. Morals are a set of standard that someone has for themselves. Several of the jobs mafia members do is not very

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