Effects of Media on Girls Essay

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Tanner Korb AP Language Mrs. Williams Due: September 30 Effects Of Media on Teen Girls Millions of teen girls woke up early this morning to gain extra wardrobe and make-up time. They sometimes allot up to three hours solely focused on how “Pretty” they look. The word pretty once described average sized women wearing large dresses reaching the floor and covering cleavage, arms and neck. The more modern definition of the word, however, includes anorexic blondes in low cut tops made from as much fabric as half a potato sack. The media feed off vanity, making them largely to blame for this drastic change. Clothes and physiques advertised by news networks and magazines become our aesthetic standard, and anyone not “going with the flow” doesn’t fall under the cool kid classification. In an attempt to fit in, young girls starve themselves for weeks, damage their skin in tanning beds, and waste money trying to stay up to date in the fashion world. Even worse, the victims of vanity do not see anything wrong with this problem because many have never experienced or have been taught anything different. The media should instead use their influence to benefit the youth of America, instead of making them feel they aren’t good enough so they will want to buy the newest product. Although this affects girls and guys of all ethnicities differently, you can find the common factor that most every teen makes subconscious decisions because of the media based environment in which they were raised, but what if they were raised out of the media’s reach? When most girls enter high school their hormones go crazy, making their self image easy targets for make-up and clothes companies advertising contentment in their products. Unlike the girls, the guys’ self image isn’t put to question, yet these young men pick the skinny, tan girls to pursue instead of the robust, pale girls. Guys

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