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What are the effects of media on Pakistan’s culture, explain the merits and demerits of media in context with its power of persuasion for the people. (Radio, newspaper) Radio in an integral part of everyone’s lives these days. It creates awareness, provides information and above all, in a way educates the nation! Of course, radio is an entertainment device however lack of focus on certain important issues is affecting its image adversely. The effectiveness of radio should never be neglected in any society. In fact it’s the first ever device used for entertainment. Despite all the technology growth and the invention of satellite television channels, radio is still considered one of the most effective tools of communication. Radio listeners are increasing, ranging from children to housewives to men at work. The newspapers can play a very vital role in the reconstruction and regeneration of a nation by highlighting and pin-pointing the social, economic and moral evils in the society. It can be very helpful in eradicating the evils from the society. They can also start propaganda against the economic evils like short-weights and measures, smuggling, black-marketing income tax evasion hoarding corruption and bribery. THUS the newspapers can help greatly in the nation- building activities. Both the Radio and Newspaper effect Pakistan’s culture. There have been different issues regarding both the radio and the newspaper. For instance The first of such an issue to be raised is that at times its hurtful to see RJs keep on talking about love for Pakistan and our need to prove ourselves as a nation and more importantly as a Muslim where at the same time have Indian music being played in the background contradicting their statements then and there. The second significant issue is that of “Azaan” on FM channels. It is extremely demeaning to see the sudden sound of

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